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Waste Management Swindon has had a major shift in emphasis for its business strategy. It’s focusing on materials recycling and also the recovery of green energy as it moves away from landfill disposal.
Renewable energy is a significant strand of the business – whether its energy from waste (EfW) to generate electricity or heat, creating power from energy crops or using the natural force of the wind to make electricity.

Waste Management Swindon is committed to reusing, recycling and recovering energy from as much unrecyclable material as potential within the UK and continues to invest in a wide selection of waste and resource treatment infrastructure.

Using RDF and SRF enables Waste Management Swindon to maximise the amount of worth derived from commercial, industrial and municipal waste to help customers fulfill waste recycling and recovery targets.

Beyond Landfill

Part of the organization’s restoration duties at closed landfill sites means the property could be used to generate green energy by growing energy crops for the production of biogas on site, or as a feedstock for biomass power stations.

Waste Management Swindon’s approach to providing a sustainable future

We’re keen to boost waste as a priceless resource. Our seasoned team offer municipal and business waste alternatives for companies of all sizes.

We work in partnership with businesses and local authorities to raise awareness of the requirement for a more sustainable future.

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