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Cardboard Waste Recycling Swindon

Recycling contributes to a cleaner environment with every pound of waste removed from landfills. There is an environmental impact associated with every piece of cardboard waste. Therefore it is imperative that we all must change how we manage our own waste. We offer free waste audits at Swindon Waste. With our comprehensive cardboard recycling service, we provide complete satisfaction to a wide range of consumers. Throughout all of our services, we ensure that all of the cardboard waste we collect will be recycled or re-used in some way, reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill one client at a time. Call us on 01202 805 390.

All different kinds of businesses can benefit from our cost-effective waste management services. With our combined efforts, we can transform waste management in the future. As a result of collective efforts, our planet will become cleaner and better to live on. Contact us for a free, customised quote based on your needs.

What is Cardboard Waste Recycling?

The method of recycling cardboard waste into more usable cardboard or paper materials is known as cardboard waste recycling. We are committed to recycling all cardboard waste that we collect. The collection of cardboard and paper can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, allowing you to recycle your materials with ease. 

Cardboard types that can be recycled are a topic of much confusion. To solve this issue, let’s look at the different kinds of cardboard waste. 

Corrugated cardboard: Cardboard made of corrugated layers and flat sheets is called corrugated cardboard. Strong cardboard boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. Transporting things is easy due to its thickness, strength, and durability. 

Paperboard cardboard: The paperboard cardboard, also called fiberboard, is a recycled cardboard product with a similar appearance to conventional paper, but is a little thicker. Generally, this type of cardboard is used for dry, raw food packages and shoe boxes.

Recycling cardboard is easier than recycling some other goods. The product is high-quality and can be repurposed several times. Be that as it may, sometimes there is no way to recycle all types of cardboard. Among them are waxed cardboard, damp cardboard, and oily cardboard. However, waxed, damp, and oily cardboard can be composted at a commercial composting facility. Food and oil contamination must be avoided if cardboard is to be recycled.

Cardboard Recycling Process Swindon

cardboard is a wonder material thanks to its durability, long life, and recyclable nature. As well as benefiting the environment, recycling helps the economy develop new products that we use every day. It is best to flatten or bale your cardboard waste before shipping it to recycling facilities to conserve storage space. You can store a lot more boxes this way and save money and recycle cardboard waste. If you do that, then you will have much more space to store your boxes and you will save money and avoid having to dispose of cardboard waste often.

With the help of our team and waste audits, we can help you determine the pick-up frequency that is best for your business. The fist step to recycling cardboard is collection and transportation. There it will be separated according to its grades. The cardboard is then mixed with water to create greywater and cardboard pulp. Using filters, the substance is cleaned of contaminants and contamination. Then, with the help of machines, the paste is dried and becomes long pieces of paper that will then be manufactured to cardboard materials.

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