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Commercial Waste Management Burford

Burford is a town on the River Windrush in the Cotswold highlands, located in the West Oxfordshire region of Oxfordshire, England. It is considered the ‘gateway’ to the Cotswolds. In addition to being close to the Gloucestershire border, Burford is 29 kilometers west of Oxford and 35 kilometers southeast of Cheltenham. Burh ford comes from the Old English burh, which means fortified town or hilltop, and ford, which means crossing the river. The 2011 census figures showed a population of 1,422 in Burford Parish. Since its founding, this town has not changed much. With an unbroken line of historic residences and stores on both sides, the town boasts a high street that leads downhill to the River Windrush, an ancient bridge, and the largest church in the city. Among its many features is Reavley’s, England’s oldest pharmacy, which was founded in 1734.

A fortified ford once stood on the banks of the River Windrush in the beautiful town of Burford. Today, the town is a very popular tourist destination due to its history as an important crossroads and wealthy wool town. Located down the hill, the former meeting place for medieval merchants, the Tolsey building now houses the Tolsey Museum, a delightful and fascinating display of the town’s rich social and industrial history. Another remnant of bygone riches that attracts tourists based on the historical wool trade is the magnificent parish church of St. John Baptist, from the 15th century. Additionally, tourists get to experience and explore beautiful little side streets, old pubs, tea shops, and antique stores. When a city has such a rich history and wants to preserve its heritage and natural beauty, one of the main concerns is managing the waste it creates.

Swindon Waste Management can effectively collect and dispose of a wide variety of waste materials at a reasonable cost for many Burford businesses, small and large. As a registered commercial waste and recycling partner for Burford, we provide the reassurance that all waste will be handled properly, with a trackable service, and all the documents that prove compliance. Please call us at 01793 205 270 for a free waste collection quote.

Commercial Waste Collection Burford

Business and commercial organisations in Burford are served by Swindon Waste Management, an authorised and qualified waste management firm. In order to keep Burford companies and businesses running efficiently and fulfilling their ethical and legal responsibilities, Swindon Waste Management provides frequent and reliable collections that are geared towards keeping your business operations legally compliant and adhering to your Duty of Care. With this approach, Burford’s commercial waste can be handled efficiently and with a minimal amount of business disruption. Additionally, we can customise collections to meet any particular waste disposal needs, such as those produced by these Burford businesses. These type are but not limited to:

  • Food waste
  • Paper waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Cardboard waste
  • Glass waste
  • Confidential waste
  • Clinical waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Metal waste

Commercial Waste Disposal Burford

Our staff works closely with all local businesses to help them sort and dispose of recyclable items in the most effective and cost-effective manner possible, meeting this legal and ethical requirement. Our services include waste management consultations and audits, as well as a variety of appropriate recycling bins to facilitate recycling. You can also rely on our static and mobile compaction equipment for the proper storage and handling of waste so that you will be able to maximise your container capacity on waste disposal day. Burford’s businesses do not have the luxury of using the council for all of their waste. 

However, it may interest you to know that there are programs and services available throughout the region that provide advice and financial support on issues such as waste management, energy efficiency, and water usage. Businesses in Burford have the advantage of knowing they can rely on Waste Management Swindon to handle a wide range of waste products efficiently and affordably. However, our waste management services are only available to businesses, households are encouraged to visit the Cotswold District Council. 

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