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Commercial Waste Management Faringdon

The ancient market town of Faringdon is situated halfway between Oxford and Swindon, in the Vale of the White Horse. Up until 1974, Faringdon was the westernmost town in Berkshire, but its administration was moved to Oxfordshire. The parish is technically known as Great Faringdon to set it apart from Little Faringdon in West Oxfordshire. In 2011, there were 7,121 residents, and it was expected that there would be 7,992 in 2019. Faringdon is a wonderful spot to visit for a holiday, short break, or day out, with a rich and dynamic history and a variety of hotels, pubs, cafes, and shops. Lord Berners, then the owner of Faringdon House at the time, constructed the famous Folly Tower in 1935 that the town is known for. This 100-foot tower that rests atop a four-acre circular woodland of Scots pines and broadleaves, is the last great folly to be built in England.

This town still has markets happening in the town, 800 years later. Every Tuesday in the square is a weekly market, and every Friday in the Corn Exchange building is an indoor market. There’s also a monthly Farmers’ Market on the first Tuesday of each month. Without waste businesses like ours, proper waste management, managing the waste from these markets would be a nightmare. However, our efficient and cost effective waste management strategies are adept at controlling all kinds of waste from any type of business. We are happy to offer you a no-obligation quote. Please contact us at 01202 805 390.

Commercial Waste Collection Faringdon

Waste Management Swindon provides recycling, equipment, and collection services for all of your waste management needs in Faringdon. Our extensive experience and understanding of the waste management industry will ensure that  you meet full compliance and meet all environmental obligations while lowering your waste management costs. You can choose among a variety of our wheelie bins to suit your needs. The 240 Litre, 660 Litre, and 1100 Litre wheeled containers are well suited for offices, restaurants, shops, bars, and light industrial applications. To increase capacity for larger waste production, we can provide skips and front-end loaders.

In addition, we offer onsite or mobile shredding services for businesses that have confidential waste to dispose of. In addition, among the products we can supply are balers to handle large volumes of cardboard and plastic. These recyclable materials are compacted into a neat, dense bale using a baling machine so that it can be bundled and sent for reprocessing. The people who have had the pleasure to work with us can attest to our efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Commercial Waste Disposal Faringdon

At Waste Management Swindon, recycling is a matter of great passion. Our company offers a variety of recycling options as an alternative to standard disposal. To find out if there are any recycling waste streams at your premises, we can do a free waste assessment. Once recycling materials have been identified, we can recommend a customised segregation system. By working directly with the client, we can provide onsite education and engage the staff in developing a sustainable recycling strategy. The following are some examples of waste streams that we can recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Food
  • Metal
  • Green Waste

We cannot, however, provide home waste collection or tipping services. The following are the locations of your nearest recycle centers in Faringdon:

Farington Household Waste Recycling Centre

Flensburg Way, 


PR26 6PH

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